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SGT Jason M. Swindle Hero's Legacy Scholarship


This scholarship is established to honor the memory and legacy of

SGT Jason M. Swindle, who made the ultimate sacrifice in 2012 while serving

his country in Panjway, Afghanistan. The Swindle family represents the

enduring strength and resilience of those who have lost a loved one in

military service.


The SGT Jason M. Swindle Hero's Legacy Scholarship aims to recognize and

honor the surviving loved ones of military service members who were killed in

the line of duty or because of their military service. Through this scholarship,

we pay tribute to the sacrifices made by these families for our freedom and security.


This scholarship is an initiative established to provide comprehensive support to military veterans seeking to pursue higher education. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by veterans transitioning from military to civilian life, this scholarship offers financial assistance and mentorship. By awarding this scholarship, we remember and acknowledge the heroism of SGT Jason M. Swindle, ensuring that his bravery and dedication are never forgotten.


This scholarship also stands as a testament to the support and love that friends and families have shown towards Jason's sons, who continue to grow up with their father's legacy guiding them. This scholarship requires a separate application. 



Submission: The completed application and all required documents should be submitted by August 1, 2024. (Incomplete applications will not be considered.)

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Please attach the following documents to your application:

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