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Whether you would like to make a one-time gift, set up an annual gift or leave a lasting legacy, our Development officer is here to help. You may choose to designate your annual gift to any fund supporting students, schools, departments or programs. Hundreds of donors contribute each year, with their

generosity touching virtually every area on campus. These gifts are essential for fulfilling our mission of "Transforming Lives"

If you are interested in starting a fund of your own or designating a gift to a fund that is not listed, please contact us at or by phone at 501-882-8855

Below is a list of funds ASU-Beebe is currently focusing on to designate your gift to: 


These funds are given to ASU-Beebe with no restrictions and the funds go where they are needed most.




E.H. “Doc” & Ruth Abington Scholarship

The E.H. “Doc” & Ruth Abington Scholarship was established in 1999 to further the education of students in the community and to carry on the legacy of the name.  The “Abington” name is a legacy that has been associated with this college since the beginning.  The college library is also named Abington Library in their honor. This scholarship is available to a student that has completed a minimum of 24 credit hours at ASU-Beebe and has 3.0 at the time of the award.


England Challenge Scholarship – Walter D. England

Walter D. England, former Dean of ASU-Beebe, established the England Challenge Scholarship in 1996 to benefit students pursuing a career in teaching. This student must be a sophomore with a 3.25 GPA.  Dean England was truly a part of a teaching dynasty. He was one of nine children and eight of the nine became teachers accumulating over 256 years of teaching.  Including spouses and children cumulatively there have been 534 years of making a difference in the lives of future leaders in our communities.  Dean England retired from ASU-Beebe in 1977. The ASU-Beebe Fine Arts building was dedicated in his honor in 2010 as the Walter D. England Center; which houses the arts and humanities programs including the campus Art Gallery.


Jeannie Myers Lindsey Scholarship

Established to honor the career of Jeannie Lindsey a retired faculty member who served at ASU-Beebe for 37 years.  During her many years of service, Lindsey is credited with creating and expanding the curriculum for both men’s and women’s physical education programs as well as founding the AAU Women’s basketball team at ASU-Beebe. The team reigned as state champions for two years before she helped create the two-year women’s athletic conference in Arkansas.  She rose through the ranks and in 1970 was appointed as chair of the Division of Education and Social Sciences at ASU-Beebe.  Lindsey continued to coach at ASU-Beebe until 1980 and pioneered the Ozark Women’s Jr. College Athletic Association, established a women’s track team that competed against 4-year universities, a championship women’s archery team, a gymnastics team and an aerobics program that is still part of ASU-Beebe’s physical education curriculum. In addition to her numerous state championships and titles as a coach, Jeannie Lindsey also earned ASU-Beebe’s Distinguished Faculty Award.  This scholarship is available to a full-time student with preference given to graduates of Des Arc High School and recipients of the Cap-Myers Award.


Dr. Dianne Tiner Logan Scholarship– Heber Springs

Scholarship was established in honor for the first Vice-Chancellor of ASU-Beebe Heber Springs.  This scholarship is for a sophomore student majoring in education attending the Heber Springs campus. Dr. Logan was instrumental in guiding a dream into reality with her unwavering dedication to the extension of higher education into Cleburne County.


Steve Storm Scholarship – Heber Springs

The Steve Storm Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011 and allows for a math or science major each year to receive this scholarship in his memory.  Mr. Storm was the first instructor of math and science at ASU-Beebe Heber Springs.  He taught physics, physical science, earth science, calculus, college algebra, and development algebra.  In addition to teaching, Mr. Storm was instrumental in starting online courses for the university.  He served as WebCT coordinator, trained instructors to teach online, and conducted orientations for online students. Mr. Storm at one time was named the ASU-Beebe Outstanding Faculty member at the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges Conference.  He received two Chancellor’s Awards and served on the ASU-Beebe Heber Springs Development Council.  Mr. Storm was also a member of the team that designed the beautiful campus of ASU-Beebe Heber Springs.  This scholarship is available to a high school student that has graduated from Heber Springs High School with a 3.25 GPA.


W.H. Owen, Jr Memorial Scholarship

Chancellor William H. Owen, Jr. (1981-1994) brought to the college a strong commitment from the Beebe community. He was a native of Beebe, a graduate of ASU-Beebe, a history teacher for ASU-Beebe, and worked as the University’s Registrar/Dean of Students. He then became Chancellor in 1981. Chancellor Owen ushered into ASU-Beebe not only the technology programs of ASTI but also the University’s first additional campus (located at Newport) now known as ASU-Newport. Sadly, Chancellor Owen passed suddenly in 1994. In honor of his contributions to ASU-Beebe, the University Center was re-named the Owen Center. Also, the William H. Owen, Jr. Scholarship was established in 1994 for a sophomore majoring in any degree program at ASU-Beebe.


Billy F. Powell Scholarship

Friends and family endowed a scholarship in memory of Billy Powell, a former assistant professor at Arkansas State University – Beebe, in 2011 to help future students achieve their potential for many years to come. Mr. Powell was born in Cotton Plant, Arkansas in February 1935. Mr. Powell lead a very distinguished career of owning a grocery store in Cotton Plant, serving in the Army, earning his education and served as Methodist minister for many years. This career path eventually led him to his second calling to teach.  He began his career at ASU-Beebe in 1990 as an adjunct instructor and eventually become a full-time instructor in 1995 teaching classes such as introduction to psychology, sensation and perception, anthropology and comparative religion. In 2000 - 2001, Mr. Powell received the Positive Teacher Award, which is a student-elected recognition for outstanding teaching. He also received the ASU - Beebe Outstanding Faculty award at the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges Conference in 2002. The Billy F. Powell Scholarship is available to a student graduating from high school in White County, Lonoke County or Pulaski County planning to major in psychology or education that demonstrates financial need.


Jack Raber ROTC Memorial Scholarship

The Jack Raber ROTC Memorial Scholarship was named in memory of the late Jack Raber, who was a business instructor at ASU-Beebe at the time of his death.  This scholarship is for an ASU-Beebe ROTC student entering their sophomore year with a 3.0 GPA enrolled in mandated Military Science Leadership courses.


Linda Jo Welch Scholarship

The Linda Jo Welch Scholarship was named in memory of the late Linda Jo Welch, who was a business instructor at ASU-Beebe at the time of her death.  This scholarship is to benefit an ASU-Beebe student majoring in business.


Don Harlan Scholarship-Searcy campus

The Don Harlan Scholarship was named in honor of the first Vice Chancellor of the ASU-Beebe Searcy Campus.  This scholarship is to benefit an ASU-Beebe student attending the Searcy campus.

Resident Student Scholarship

This scholarship was established to help a student living on campus in the residence halls. The student must have completed 24 credit hours with a minimum 2.5 overall GPA. This student must show financial need and must be involved in campus activities.  Preference to a student majoring in agriculture or the John Deere program if award decision is close. The application must include a recommendation from a student services professional.





ASU-Beebe General Scholarship

This scholarship was established by ASU-Beebe.  To qualify for this scholarship a student must be enrolled full time at ASU-Beebe campus and have at least a 2.5 GPA. It can be awarded to either a traditional student or non-traditional student. 


ASU-Beebe Heber Springs General Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the ASU-Beebe Heber Springs Development Council.  To qualify for this scholarship a student must be enrolled full time at the Heber Springs campus and have at least a 2.5 GPA. It can be awarded to either a traditional student or non-traditional student. 


ASU-Beebe Searcy General Scholarship

This scholarship was established by ASU-Beebe Searcy.  To qualify for this scholarship a student must be enrolled full time at the Searcy campus and have at least a 2.5 GPA. It can be awarded to either a traditional student or non-traditional student. 




Student Scholarships – $100/per student
Available for Beebe, Heber Springs, or Searcy

Vanguard Discovery Camp is a series of S.T.E.A.M. -related courses designed for students of various ages. Session topics include exploration of medical professions, Lego Robotics, developing a smartphone application, art class and drone piloting class.  It costs on average $100 per student to attend a camp for the week.  ASU-Beebe has over 250 students that attend throughout the summer.  Individual student’s scholarships are available for corporate or individual donations. CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT VANGUARD DISCOVERY CAMP




El Salvador Trip Student Scholarships – $950/student 

Taiwan Trip Student Scholarships - $1500/student




2019 Michael Kelly

2019 Wendal Dillard

2018 Darlene Butler

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