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The Vanguard Insider - 11/15/2018

D1 Training of Cabot Donates Training Machines to ASU-Beebe

D1 Training in Cabot, owned by Chris Branam, recently made an in-kind donation to Arkansas State University-Beebe in the form of six used Nautilus brand fitness machines.  The machines, valued at $24,000, were added to the college’s physical education and conditioning gym at the Beebe campus.

Despite ASU-Beebe’s lack of a formal athletics program, Coach Charles Burns director of the Intramural Sports program at Beebe says the machines are a great addition and will see good use as many students use the gym for personal strength training and conditioning outside of prescribed classes.

“Our commitment to being a good community partner with ASU-Beebe is important to D1 Training,” said Brad Rich, general manager of the D1 center in Cabot.  “This donation can help make a difference in the lives of students by improving campus equipment and facilities.  Our focus is to work with our communities and anyone that wants to become a better athlete or just get into shape.”

D1 is not the typical fitness and training gym.  D1, formed by a group of current and former professional athletes, focuses on developing an individual’s skills, conditioning and preparation for specific sports to the competitive level.

"ASU-Beebe is so grateful for to the generous partners that make education a reality for our students.  There are many who provide their resources, time and talents to help ASU-Beebe and its students move forward. We appreciate the partnerships and look forward to many more  in the future." - Andrea Cole


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